SINCE 1953

Since 1953, Radsan has been carrying out its work under the titles of production, sales, commitment, consultancy, training consultancy and project service.

“……… means that whatever you do, you will surely see your reward if you do it with a beauty, a heartwarming figure; and orderly.

      3 locations in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir)
      The biggest factory in the industry
      Export to 78 countries
      OEM production for European companies
    • 15 hours - Flight time to our farthest dealer, Chile
      268- number of ships loaded per year
      22- number of foreign guests hosted annually
    • The most familiar and most approved brand
      12- Quality certificates we have
      64 Dealers
      30 years. Our working time with our oldest dealer.
      Ertuğrul Güngör "30 years of unchanging quality and cooperation"
      Turkey Representatives of the world's giants
      98% customer satisfaction
    • 150 Number of Employees
      47% female employment
      12 years - average working time
      8 - R&D staff
    • 23 times- Assembly and wander measuring the number of our team a year to Turkey
      1784- the number of applications we did in a year
      1200 Trucks - the number of trucks carrying the grounding strips we produce in a year
      4,000,000 - the number of cable lugs we produce in a year
  • 1953 Establishment
  • 1962 First production plant goes into operation.
  • 1974The first radioactive lightning conductor of Turkey is produced.
  • 1983Transformation into a Limited Company
  • 1998Integrated Production Plant goes into operation
  • 2000Transformation into a Joint Stock Company
  • 2000 The first TSE-EN-ISO 9001 certificate in the sector
  • 2002 Production of the first Active Lightning Conductor of Turkey
  • 2008The first ISO 14001 certificate in the sector
  • 2008The first ISO 18001 certificate in the sector
  • 2011Integrated Quality Management
  • 2013First candidature from Turkey to ILPA (international protection organisation from lightning)
  • 2014Establishment the first and only detection lightining and warning system.
  • 2015Commissioning of Earthing Strip Production Line
  • 2016/18Opening of Marmara and Aegean Regional Directorates


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